Have you ever wanted to know what your face looks like if you were to be plummeting towards the earth at 320km/h? No longer does your fear of skydiving have to get in the way of finding out. Photographic experience creators #HASHTAG, have designed the worlds first high speed selfie booth. The device blows air at 320km/h in to a subject’s face and then snaps an extremely amusing photo of them.

The booth has been traveling around the UK and has given thousands of people the opportunity to capture what their faces look like in four-Gs of simulated force, demonstrating hilarious results. This is slightly more than that of the feeling a NASA astronaut experiences in a space bound rocket-ship. The photographs speak for themselves. 

G-Force Face photography is the brainchild of London based entrepreneur Andrew Theodore, who excitedly explains that “It’s like sticking your head out of an F1 car at top speed”. His technical team have carefully developed a purpose built G-Force blower, resulting in images displaying contorted features and revealing parts of the face that one didn't know existed. Andrew describes the euphoric feeling after the machine is turned off as leaving the user with a “massive high”.

Photos were shot with high speed cameras and then users could directly upload their photos to social media via the #HASHTAG printers. 

Now that G-Force Face has completed it's rigorous testing, it's ready to be released in your face at 320km/h.