Coffee is a central part of daily life and is an important liquid catalyst for work and social life. Knowing this, Nescafé ran a uniquely immersive brand campaign called "Instant Connections!"

Nescafé's idea involved bringing together two passers by at a busy Berlin intersection one morning. 

An ordinary pedestrian traffic light had a box installed where the crossing button ordinarily sat. When pressed by a commuter, a screen popped up displaying live footage of the person on the other side of the road. Then the box opened, releasing a hot cup of freshly brewed Nescafé coffee for both suprised individuals.

The campaign magically brought together two strangers who would otherwise never have spoken. They would briefly meet in the middle of the crosswalk to smile and greet one another whilst enjoying their coffee. 

People of all ages and walks of life were given the opportunity to start their day with a shared smile and a hot cup of coffee.

Building an emotional connection is a highly effective way to build brand loyalty and the "Instant Connections" experiential campaign was a definite winner. 


Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne, Frankfurt, Germany