They could be The Terminator, your hairdresser or even the neighbour's cute tabby cat, but they all have one thing in common - an insatiable hunger for Retweets, Likes and Follows. Some influencers have such a powerful online presence that brands pay them handsomely to shout about their products. Why listen to a random hotel shouting to you about how great they are, when someone you follow posted an Earlybird-filtered photo of scrumptious looking Eggs Benedict from a hotel down the road? But it's not easy to get influencers to talk about your hotel in their posts. That's why a UK based start-up has designed and manufactured the UK's first home-grown hashtag printer called the #HASHTAG Mini.

So what is a  'Hashtag printer'? Well for one, it's not a printer designed only to print images of hashtags. That would be highly impractical and slightly insane. To explain it simply, hotel guests can snap a photo on their phone, then share it on social media with the hotel's unique hashtag. The photograph can then be printed via a kiosk in the lobby or reception area for FREE. The guest is rewarded with a physical print-out just for telling everyone about their stay. It's a classic win-win.

Photos can be taken at sights around town, hotel rooms and of course at restaurants for classic meal shots. Instagram printing gives you that unique joy of a physical photo, so you don't get trapped in a digital world.

What holiday destination would you like to print out your Instagram photos out?

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