You’re out enjoying a casual shop on Oxford Street and a pretty girl jumps out of nowhere strapped to what looks like a rocket pack on her back. “Would you like a FREE red bull?” she asks with a big smile on her face.

Field marketing is one of the most engaging and fun forms of advertising. It provides a real world face-to-face experience with potential or current customers. Energetic brand ambassadors harness freebies, technology and social media to excite members of the public. The most engaging and valuable campaigns garner the most attention. This is why UK-based experiential agency is introducing #INSTANT branded Polaroids to the mix.  

Many modern field marketing campaigns have been shoehorning their way on to social media profiles by demanding exposure in exchange for discounts or freebies. This type of social currency is rapidly losing its value as the public is wising up and removing unwanted branding from their beautifully curated social feeds.

Instant Branded Polaroid

We all love going back to the old school with a Polaroid. Something about that little instant photo has had people gathering together for a happy snap for the past 40 odd years. ‘#INSTANT Classic’ is the ultimate guerrilla marketing tool. It combines the classic Polaroid picture with a uniquely branded overlay. The best part about this system is that it costs the recipient nothing. The public doesn’t have a chance to build resentment towards a brand because they’re no longer being forced to post content.

Instant Branded Polaroids

With ‘#INSTANT Share’ people are given the option to post the photo to their profile, but again there is no requirement. This less aggressive form of field marketing is going to build stronger relationships with customers who will appreciate the free value.

 As the industry starts seeing the value brought to the field by #INSTANT, soon you’ll be seeing branded Polaroids at festivals, events and streets all across the UK.

What new photographic innovations would you like to see at your next event?