Hashtag Printing London

The hotel made instantly famous in the Spice Girls film clip for Wannabe has just announced an exciting step forward for guest engagement in the hotel industry. The St Pancras Hotel London is now the proud new home of the first permanent fixture of a Hashtag kiosk in a Hotel.

The Hashtag printer that sits in the lobby, invites guests to type #StPancrasHotel in each Instagram (or twitter) post. Photos that are tagged correctly will be uploaded to the WiFi connected kiosk. Guests will not only have photos uploaded to their online social feed, but they can also print a permanent physical copy with the tap of the kiosk screen. 

With over 400 million active users and growing, Instagram is now cemented as one of the top social media big dogs. Forward thinking St Pancras Hotel has come up with this innovative way to harness the power of Instagram to engage their guests and it’s an exciting move forward for social media marketing. They have already begun adding the #HASHTAG Mini to their events calendar for parties, weddings, cocktail nights and shows.

Hashtag Printing London

The kiosk is designed by London based brand experience agency #HASHTAG to reward hotel guests with a free print of their photos in exchange for shouting to their friends on social media about their stay. This has been anything from photos of cocktails in the hotel bar to pictures of the tower bridge. The hotel has already seen a significant increase in guest satisfaction and engagement. In light of the rise of influencer marketing, it’s proving to be a highly effective tool. Analytics have already shown that there was a 25,000% increase in social media reach and 3,000% increase in social posts since installing the kiosk.

We are going to continue seeing the emergence of new innovative technologies such as Hashtag printing to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of customer engagement.


What new social media technology can you predict next?