1. Photobooths can connect directly to social media

Modern marketing demands social media interaction. Brands communicate a huge section of their engagement through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Photobooths allow direct connection to social media. Pictures can be instantly uploaded to pages ready to be engaged with.

2. Capture email and phone data

branded photobooth

Creating exciting photographic experiences is only one side of the coin. Our photobooth software allows users to send the photo via email or text message. Instead of the standard form to enter email addresses, users receive a photo print out in exchange for their email address. These lists are then available after the event for further communication.

3. An exciting way to capture the moment

You've put a lot of work into your event and want people to enjoy themselves. Photo booths add a fun experience that brings guests or attendees together to capture the special moment and keep a lasting memory.

Take a look:

Adidas X Team GB in Store Photobooth

ASOS X Way Out West Festival Sweden

4. They don't have to be standard

An exciting feature of photobooths is that you have the flexibility to be creative. Whether using unique props or even building a bespoke photobooth to wow a crowd, you’re only limited by your imagination (we can help you with that).

For some unique booth ideas, take a look at:

Virgin Media High Speed Selfie booth

Red Bull Air Race PARASHOOT Booth

branded photobooth
branded photobooth

5. Something to take home

Printed photos give people a tangible item to take home and appreciate long after the event comes to a close. A fridge magnet will keep memories up in the kitchen for years to come!

branded photobooth