Nokia having brought back the 3310 had people digging up their Snake skills and the growing anticipation of a space age 5g network were big news at Mobile World Congress 2017. Ubuntu is the leading open source operating system for PCs, tablets, smartphones and IoT. UK based tech company Social Vend has merged the traditional vending world with modern technology, marketing & social media. Social Vend and Ubuntu teamed up to vend Soracom SIM cards at this year's MWC.

Social Vend's vendmini can store anything from cans of coke to SIM cards and has a touch screen interface that assists brands in capturing data. The pairing with a full Ubuntu core displays it's strength as a complete telecom solution in a box. This smart vending machine is compatible with NFC and contactless payment systems and can also vend in response to a unique tweet.

Soracom SIM cards are automatically activated as they're dispensed ready to go out of the box. Brands and companies have the opportunity to develop their own custom designs and snapstores to communicate effectively with their market.  

This exciting new technology is now available for purchase and rental. There is also a big brother version called the vendmax, which holds 1,100 items and has an inbuilt cooling unit for refrigeration.

What would you like to vend?