The first modern coin operated vending machine was revealed in London in the 1880's. Since then the designs have been through various developments, but only very recently have we seen new and exciting vending brought on by the involvement of brand advertising.

Here are some of the most unique and creative campaigns in recent years. 

1. BOS Ice Tea Vending Machine

The world's first Twitter vending machine was unveiled in South Africa in 2012. Passers by were invited to post to Twitter with #BOSTWEET4T. They were then rewarded with a deliciously refreshing Rooibos infused organic Ice Tea.

2. Gary Lineker Walkers Crisps Vending Machine

The football legend teamed up with Walkers Crisps to promote the tasty potato slices. By tweeting @Walkers_busstop, commuters were handed a free packet of crisps by a digital Gary.

3. Holiday Autos Smells of Summer Machine

Holiday Autos wanted to remind Londoners that summer is coming and to get booking. That's why they installed a #SmellsOfSummer vending machine in a busy train station. Commuters who posted with the hashtag would receive a bottle containing a uniquely summery smell like freshly cut grass, barbecues and the beach.

4. Coca-Cola Hug Me Machine

Public displays of affection are generally discouraged in Singaporean society. A rising rebellion to this has been growing amongst youth culture. In solidarity with the youth, Coca-Cola installed a hug activated vending machine at a local University campus

5. Socialvend Social Surgery


Socialvend is a UK based company focussed on creating new and exciting social vending experiences for brand engagement. They were invited to Unbound 2016 innovation festival in London to present their Vend Mini.

The touch screen activated mini vending machine was a hit amongst the attendees who made it down to the 'Social Surgery'. Tweeters were rewarded with social media related prescription drugs (candy), such as Snapagra, Antiselfieden and Instafen. 

After the two days of the festival, #SocialSurgery had over 200 posts with a reach of over 350,000. Hopefully the patients won't have to come back for an appointment any time soon!

6. Salta Rugbeer Vending Machine

Introducing the roughest vending machine of all time. This machine dispenses an icy cold Salta beer following a rugby tackle. Not for the meek, the unit won't reward beers to those who don't give it a solid ram as decided by the machine's 'Pussy Meter'. The brainchild of Ogilvy Buenos Aires went on a regional tour, resulting in 25% increased beer sales in the bars it was activated.

7. If Carlsberg Did Substitutions

To promote England's involvement in the UEFA 2016 EUROS, Carlsberg placed a unique vending machine for the public to interact with. People were invited to swap the shirt from their backs for an England national football shirt. 

8. 007 Coke Vending Machine

Coca-Cola joined with the James Bond franchise to promote the release of their 23rd film Skyfall. They placed a 007 vending machine at Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium. Once activated, users had 70 seconds to navigate around various obstacles to find their way to platform 6. It was there where a machine would dispense exclusive tickets to the film. The Youtube video has had 11.5 million views to date, placing it in Mashable's top 100 most shared commercials ever.