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Maybelline Brings Back The Realness With Instant Photos

I look gross! I'm fat! Delete that! 

These are the kinds of things that can regularly be heard after capturing magical moments of our lives. Once upon a time, we had to wait for the photo to develop before even having the chance to see how we looked. Now our instant judgement has made us hyper-critical and it's become difficult not to apply harsh photo filters through the use of smart-phone apps. But one cosmetics brand brought us back to realness.

Maybelline Germany wanted to remind the world that it's beautiful the way it is. That's why they ran the #WeNeedNoFilter campaign earlier this month. 2,500 #INSTANT photos were snapped and handed out to members of the public. The unique hashtag to go along with the photos reassured people that they don't need to filter their face to be beautiful.

The campaign was a huge success for everybody involved and there were plenty of smiles on the faces of those going home with their own instant polaroid.