social media window


House of Fraser was home to a first of it's kind LIVE Hyper-Lapse Instagram wall to promote of House of Fraser's position asas the title sponsor for the British Academy Television Awards.

We installed Live Social Display Windows, Hyperlapse make-over stations and Gif Booths in Manchester, Bluewater, Oxford Street, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Gifs, photos and hyper-lapse videos were all being captured LIVE in store and posted directly to Instagram under the hashtag #BAFTAStyle.

Beauty brands Mac and Aveda had stylists teaming up with House of Fraser to give members of the public a taste of #BAFTAStyle. #CREW filmed make-overs using Hyper-Lapse. These videos were then accelerated in speed up to 12x showing the make-overs in super fast motion.

All content was posted on Instagram and LIVE streamed on the displays.

The Oxford Street store gave the public a chance to show off their BAFTA style in a specially designed GIF booth that also gave people a photo print-out to take home with them.

HASHTAG headed up the installation and operation of the LIVE social feeds, staffing, display screens, GIF booth and hyper-lapse video stations.

Read about the campaign here: First Ever Live Make-Over Hyper-Lapse Wall: HOF X BAFTA