Social Vend.

Social Vend™ create state of the art smart vending machines.

These machines are different, they give rewards for data, market research, social engagement and brand love

twitter vending machine
snapchat twitter instagram vending machine

Create influencers.

Build content.

Social vending creates a interaction between the consumer and brand.

Engaging consumers and encouraging organic content creation across social media.

When it comes to social media nothing is more powerful than real user-generated content.

social media vending machine
social vend machine

Social player.

Game changer.

Social Vend™ introduces an entirely new way to interact with consumers, detecting social actions and rewarding in return.

experiential marketing vending machine

Fix up.

Look sharp.

Social Vend machines are a blank canvas.

You can wrap them in printed graphics and customize every step of the user journey, so your campaigns will always look sharp and 100% on-brand.

Our easy to use vendlook builder enables you to quickly create a bespoke branded software interfaces so you can keep things looking fresh!


Social Media.


Social Vending works by asking consumers to make an action on social media in return for a product, sample or discount voucher.

This social transaction is instantly rewarding and a fun, memorable brand engagement. Raising brand awareness and creating social amplification of the brand message across the consumer's entire social network.

social vending machine


Multiple Choice.


With visual multiple choice products, questions and answers can be displayed in interactive formats.

Using engaging graphics and seamless user experience we can gather valuable data all while keeping the user journey an enjoyable experience.

Product selection can also be dictated by either a single selection or a combination of selections leading to a final outcome.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.51.29.png

Print it.


Maximise ROI by issuing vouchers to drive in-store and online sales direct from the machine.

Send messages by email & SMS direct to users including discount codes, web links and calls to action to maximize ROI and drive sales in-store and online.
The vendmini+ prints vouchers direct from the machine via a built in reciept printer.


Capture it.

Data entry.

With on-screen keyboard functionality you can capture user data with text entry, this can include email addresses, phone numbers, names and feedback questions as well as detailed surveys and questionnaires.

All of the data is ready for export at any time during or after your campaign.


Make it count.

Influencer creation.

By tracking user’s follower count we can ensure you always make an impact when it counts the most.       
Our platform detects each user's follower count, you can choose to user this data to give specific rewards to users with either high or low follower counts.