Wilkinson Sword


UK shaving brand Wilkinson Sword is the 2016 sponsor for the British National Fencing team. We put together an immersive green screen experience for them as part of a train station activation that took place at Waterloo. Slice agency was commissioned to run the activation. 

People were jumping at the opportunity to get dressy in samurai and knight costumes. They then had their photos taken in front of a green screen which superimposed their image onto one of four sword themed backgrounds.

They could then share their photos with the hashtag #READYTODUEL directly from a #HASHTAG Mini Instagram and Twitter kiosk for a chance to win a year supply of razors. The background choices were between a knight, dragon, samurai and recent fencing world cup winner James Davis. 


Read more about it on our blog: Wilkinson Sword's Great Battle of Waterloo Station


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